This unit begins with an introduction to energy and energy units. Students then calculate their personal and household energy audit. They analyze their energy consumption patterns and ways they can reduce their energy use.

Students are then introduced to different sources of energy including solar, wind, tidal, hydroelectric, nuclear, geothermal, biomass/biofuels, coal, oil, and natural gas. Students use Google Earth to explore locations of different power plants. They use GIS to investigate the best places to locate new power plants and to analyze data. Students also examine images and videos of how different power plants work.

Students examine USA's energy sources and uses. Students then recalculate their personal and household energy audit to see if there is any change in their consumption patterns.

In the culminating activity, students develop an energy policy for Navitas Isle given the island's energy resources and population. Students use GIS to analyze the island's energy resources and develop an energy policy that will have minimal impact to the environment. They develop a presentation and communicate their energy policy.