About Wind Energy

Students will be introduced to wind energy and a wind power classification system. Students will learn how electricity generated from wind turbines is transported to the electrical grid, and then to a substation and to their homes for use.

1. Begin the class by asking students to respond to the following question in their journal: What is wind?

2. Show students the Wind Energy video clip. We recommend that you download the file (wind_energy.mov) from the Web site and play locally on your computer at double size.

3. Inform students they will learn about wind, how it is formed, and how it can be used to produce electricity.

4. Distribute the Wind Energy exploration sheet to each of the students.

5. Ask students to go to the student resources Web page and click the About Wind Energy link.

6. Instruct students to read the content pages about wind energy and answer the questions on their exploration sheets. Explain and clarify terminology and concepts as needed. Give some relevant examples.

7. Review content and discuss aloud student responses to key questions on their exploration sheets. Ask students if they have any questions about concepts covered in the lesson and respond to their questions. Have students close their Web browser when they finish.

Materials Needed:


Wind Energy Video Clip (QuickTime video)


Wind Energy Exploration Sheet (PDF / MS Word)

Assessment Information

Wind Energy Exploration Sheet Assessment (PDF / MS Word)

Supplemental Homework Readings for Students 

Wind Energy (PDF)

Teacher Resources/Content Support 

Wind Energy - Print Version (PDF)