Weather and Climate

Earth Systems and Atmosphere

Greenhouse Gases

Planetary Energy Balance

Carbon Cycle

Investigating Weather

  • Investigating Weather with Google Earth:
    Investigating Weather (kmz)

Geologic Timeline

Climate Hotspots

  • Climate Hotspots (kmz)

Future Worlds

  • Future Worlds Part1 (kmz)
  • Future Worlds Part2 (kmz)

Paleogeography and Paleoclimatology

  • How are Temperatures on Earth Changing? (PDF)
  • What Caused the Ice Ages and Other Important Climate Changes Before the Industrial Era? (PDF)
  • Is the Current Climate Change Unusual Compared to Earlier Changes in Earth's History? (PDF)
  • How do Human Activities Contribute to Climate Change and How do They Compare with Natural Influences? (PDF)
  • Is the Amount of Snow and Ice on the Earth Decreasing? (PDF)

Carbon Reduction Strategies

  • Carbon Reduction Strategies (PDF)
  • Is Sea Level Rising? (PDF)
  • How Reliable Are the Models Used to Make Projections of Future Climate Change? (PDF)
  • Are Extreme Events, Like Heat Waves, Droughts or Floods, Expected to Change as the Earth's Climate Changes? (PDF)
  • How Likely are Major or Abrupt Climate Changes, such as Loss of Ice Sheets or Changes in Global Ocean Circulation? (PDF)
  • If Emissions of Greenhouse Gases are Reduced, How Quickly do Their Concentrations in the Atmosphere Decrease? (PDF)