Carbon Reduction Strategies

Students will explore carbon reduction strategies at personal and societal levels.
They will explore how sustainable energy resources and carbon capture and storage methods can help reduce carbon emissions levels.

  1. Begin the class period by reviewing evidence from the climate change unit that supports that increasing amounts of carbon (as CO2) in the atmosphere is rapidly changing Earth’s climate. Note that emissions from fossil fuel burning are continually increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and natural processes can only absorb about half of those emissions into oceans and the land. The rate of CO2 emissions has to be reduced to less than 20% of the current CO2 emission rate to allow the land and oceans to absorb CO2 as fast as it is emitted without leaving excess CO2 in the atmosphere.
  2. Distribute the Carbon Reduction Strategies Exploration Sheet to each of the students.
  3. Ask students to go to the Student Resources Web page and click the Carbon Reduction Strategies link.
  4. Instruct students to read the content pages about carbon reduction strategies and answer the questions on their exploration sheets.
  5. Review content and discuss aloud student responses to key questions on their exploration sheets. Ask students if they have any questions about concepts covered in the lesson and respond to their questions. Have students close their Web browser when they finish.

Materials Needed:


Carbon Reduction Strategies Exploration Sheet (PDF / MS Word)

Assessment Information 

Carbon Reduction Strategies Assessment (PDF / MS Word)

Teacher Resources/Content Support 

Carbon Reduction Strategies - Print Version (PDF)